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Sports Charter Flights

Air Charters India has provided all sized private jet, helicopter for sporting events, organisations and athletes. We have flown some of the best teams in the world, their supporters, clubs, VIP guests, corporate sponsors and the media. We have also offer to transport specialist sports equipment on cargo aircraft, like horses and racing cars through our cargo charters. We have chartered for among all the sports and events like Football, Basketball, Tennis, Motor Racing, Horse Racing etc.

A sports charter flight keeps players focused. It gives them extreme level of comfort they expect also protects them from press and public intrusion. For event organizers and corporate sponsors, a charter flight is most convenient and time-saver that operates according your schedule and flies direct to the stadium's nearest airport.

Air Charters India have carried the world's sporting stars, their supporters, their valuable equipment to victory. We made life easy for them by looking after all operational with our special aircraft and cargo charters


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