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Joy rides

There is nothing quite like the sensation of hovering and flying in a helicopter. Spend memorable/romantic moments admiring breath-taking bird's eye view of cities and other geographical features from a few thousand feet above ground. Enjoy the moments and make your loved ones feel special. You can see all famous spots of that place by booking joy rides. This is a very unique experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary or a birthday, a proposal, taking children up in the air, this would be ideal for you.

Joyrides for Mumbai

  • 15 min Joyride on 4 seater Helicopter starting Rs 5,500/person or Rs. 19,000/Group
  • 20 min Joyride on 4 seater Helicopter starting Rs 7,500/Person or Rs 28,500/Group
  • 30 min Joyride on 4 seater Helicopter starting Rs 11,500/Person or Rs 38,500/Group


Terms & conditions:
  • If the participants don’t turn up at the times assigned to them, they forfeit their chance and no refund will be given.
  • Chopper is a world-class , widely used for civil aviation purposes.
  • Participants will be seated in an open space while they await their turn. It is recommended that they wear caps to beat the sun.
  • The ride may postpone or cancelled due to weather conditions.
  • 30 min prior boarding from the scheduled departure .
  • Professional cameras not allowed.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the airport premises.
  • Valid photo ID required for entry into the airport.
  • Choice of the seating in the chopper will be decided by the Air Charters India Pvt Ltd.
  • Children between 3 to 12 years to be accompanied by adults.
  • No cancellations undertaken once booked and time slot allotted.
  • The chopper route is decided by the pilot in consultation with ATC.
  • Once booking is done, We will send you a confirmation of the timings.

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