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Heli-Skiing - Manali and Gulmarg

Heli-skiing is essentially about skiing in a natural, albeit highly-selected environment, without the effort required for hiking into these areas.

India is one country blessed with the best of every natural resource, be it the rivers, valleys or mountains. Thus, there are a lot of mountain ranges in the north where heli skiing is undertaken regularly.

Air Charters India offers this in Manali and Gulmarg, India.

Skiing takes place on long rolling ridge lines; through glades of birch and oak trees; down steep cirque bowls or on huge undulating glaciers.

In Manali, most skiing takes place between high valley floors around 2700 m and ridges at 4300 m, with verticals averaging between 900 m and 1200 m. However, some of our most spectacular terrain is as high as 5000 m.

Gulmarg heli-skiing runs can be up too 2000m vertical and several km long. An average day is several runs in the alpine zone. The picturesque town in the splendid valley of Kashmir, Gulmarg is the premier winter sports destination in India.


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