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Q: Why should I charter?

A: Domestic airlines do not offer the luxury and exclusivity of first class. As with most things in life ...What was once a luxury is fast becoming a necessity. The same can be said for Private air charter. The bottom line reason to charter an aircraft is that it will save you time. Not just a few minutes, but lots of time. We're talking hours and in many cases days. Since the value placed on your time can be purely subjective, it is often difficult to place a monetary value on this factor. However, we can tell you this -- The alternative to private charter is our commercial aviation system which we are all painfully aware is unfortunately time consuming. It caters to limited destinations! In other words -- connecting flights, inconvenient flight times, and long security delays wreak havoc on what should be a simple journey from "Point A" to "Point B". When you charter a private aircraft you will encounter none of these inconveniences. A trip that might have taken days is accomplished in hours. Resulting in more descretionary time on vacation, at work, or at home. More so you are in private luxury and in a secure environment at the same time. You can have your meetings without anyone evesdropping. The "icing on the cake" in all of this is that the entire travel process is stress free. Do you ever feel like you've been hit by a truck the day after an experience with commercial air travel? You are wiped. Totally exhausted. Quite often the physical stress of travel affects the way you feel and operate for several days after your trip. At what price do I travel commercially?? Why should I use private air charter? Quite often, these are questions that are uniquely answered, but commonly involve a "quality of life" response.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: All Charters are different and are priced according to aircraft type, destination, no. of flight hours flown, waiting time and overnights required.

Q: Does the cost change with the number of people on the flight?

A: No, you charter the entire aircraft and the costs are per flight hour not per passenger.

Q: Are there additional costs that I will find out about after the trip is completed?

A: No, we give you a quote up front and as long as there are no changes in your itinerary, during the charter, we will hold to that quote.

Q: How many passengers can you carry!

A: All of them! Totally depends upon your group size and aircraft most suited to the service.

Q: How much advance notice do you need prior to take-off?

A: We will generally require a three hour minimum time frame to put the required aircraft, it's crew and equipment into place. Of Course -- the more advance notice we get - the better. However, our terms and conditions read "first come first served"!

Q: How do I arrange for my charter?

A: Charter reservations can be made via the "Request a Quote" Section on this website.

Q: Are Charter aircraft safe!

A: All aircraft offered by Air Charters India are in compliance of DGCA regulations.

Q: Where can you fly to!

A: Air Charters India offer International operations from the four corners of the globe. Domestically Air Charters India offer fixed wing aircraft to virtually every airport in India and helicopters to any destination.

Q: What is the difference between a Turboprop a Jet and Piston aircraft!

A: A Piston Engine aircraft is generally in the smaller range of aircraft suitable for flights of 20 to 50 minutes at speeds around 160knots.
A Turbo Prop is designed for regional flights of between 40 minutes and up to 3 three hours at speeds around 250knots. The engines are turbine, similar to a basic Jet engine but with propellors, hence the name Turboprop.

Jets are designed for a multitude of roles. Large Passenger aircraft to smaller Corporate Jets. Corporate Jets range from 6 to 20 passengers and are capable of flights of up to 10hrs in duration.

Q: What is the difference between pressurised and non-pressurised aircraft?

A: In a Pressurised aircraft the cabin is sealed to maintain a similar pressure to ground level when flying at higher altitudes. This allows the aircraft to fly higher and faster providing a greater level of passenger comfort.

Non-Pressurised aircraft do not have a sealed cabin, fly at lower altitudes and are generally utilised on regional domestic services.

Q: What airports do you use?

A : We service all airports nationwide. We can suggest departure and arrival points based on your itinerary that will enhance your comfort and/or minimize your costs. Your convenience is our prime focus.

Q: How much baggage can I bring?

A: The amount of baggage allowed will depend on the type of aircraft you will be flying in, the distance, and the approximate weight of each passenger in your party. When flying small aircraft, the weight and balance of the passengers and luggage are critical to the safe performance of the aircraft. We will collect this information from you when taking your reservation and let you know how much baggage is allowed.

Q: Will the aircraft wait for me? How does this work?

A: The aircraft is scheduled according to the needs of the customer. Based on your itinerary, and cost factors, we will decide whether it is most efficient for the aircraft to wait for you or whether it should return for you at a later date. Generally speaking, for one and two day trips -- it is almost always more economical for the aircraft to wait. Longer trips (in days, and mileage) are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Q: How many pilots will I have?

A: The number of crew members will depend on the type of aircraft chosen for the trip. In most cases, you will have both a pilot and co-pilot.

Q: How do I get to the airport?

A: We are a one stop service organisation. Rental and private cars can be arranged for you.

Q: Is there airport parking?

A: Airport parking is available and is at a nominal cost.

Q: What documents will I need to fly internationally?

A: Each passenger will be required to carry an original valid passport. The pilot is legally required to make certain that you have this document prior to boarding the aircraft. Boarding will be denied if you do not have this.

Q: Is Empty leg air charter cost effective?

A: Yes and your trusted air charter service company, Air Charters India, has access to a worldwide network of world-class private jets and executive-configured airliners. If flight segments are in a similar direction and within a few days of your flight requirement, you could save upto 70% of the normal air charter price.